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General Blogs

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (News)

Analytics Vidhya (Developers)

Towards Data Science (Developers/Business)

KDnuggets (Developers)

Science Daily (News)

Great Learning (Developers)

MarkTechPost (Developers/ News)

TensorFlow Blog (Developers)

Towards AI (Developers)

ML CMU Blog (Developers)

ML CMU Blog (Developers)

About AI Tools and Services – from the perspective of a technology user

There’s An AI For That (Tools)

AI Scout (AI Tools)

Company Blogs

We are focussing on the major players, either due to their company size, market impact and/or technological power.

Googels Official AI Blog

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DeepMind Blog (News/Developers)


NVIDIA Blog & NVIDIA Developer (Developers/Business)

About The Art of AI in Business, Art and Technology.

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