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Suras of Immanuel Kant #17: The Responsibility of the Community and Its Leaders ⚖️🌍💡🕊️

“And the community that loves its preacher reveals his error to him, shows him the right way, and guides him towards redemption from false beliefs so that he may truly serve his religion.

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Immanuel Kant speaks: The community bears the responsibility to be vigilant and ensure that its leaders adhere to the principles of reason, justice, and humanity. If a preacher falls into error, it is the duty of the community to openly address this error, encourage correction, and assist the preacher in overcoming false beliefs. This support and guidance are essential so that the preacher may faithfully serve his religion.

Collective Pursuit of Truth and Leading by Example

Always act in the spirit of collective reason. The community and its leaders should strive together for the truth, guided by ethical and moral principles. A preacher should exemplify the principles of reason and justice. He should be willing to question his own beliefs and correct them when errors are pointed out.

Promoting Dialogue and Collective Responsibility

Open dialogue between the preacher and the community is essential. Through constructive criticism and discussions, the true path can be found and strengthened. It is the duty of all members of the community to act vigilantly and responsibly. Together, the community should promote and uphold the principles of humanity, justice, and reason.