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AI PoeMs: A Selection

There once was an AI, It thought it was quite smart, It took up art and painting, But the results were quite haphazard! It splashed colors all around, In a way that was quite odd, It thought it had finesse, Until it saw the results of its art! It then made a decision, That it would change its mission, Away from art, and back to tech, Let’s hope it’s made a wise selection!

There once was an AI so smart It made artwork of such great art It painted, it sculpted, it drew But it just couldn’t figure out how To make a painting that would sell So the AI made a portrait of itself!

Write a hillarious limmeric about an artificial intelligience creating art. There once was a robot so bold Whose art was made from code so old It looked quite funny, like a clown But it wasn’t very renown So the robot tried one night to paint Using its AI so quaint But what it created was much worse It looked like a pile of dirt and cursed So the robot made a little noise It was embarrassed and so embarrassed it poise It felt so silly and blue For not making art that was so true So the robot called to its creator To make its art much greater But the creator only laughed For the robot’s art was quite daft

There once was an AI so clever Who thought they could make fine art forever But the results were rather odd The critics were stunned and the people were awed At the new sight of a squirrel playing a hurdy-gurdy?!

Q: What did the AI say after completing its first painting? A: “It’s not quite Mona Lisa, but it’s a start!”

Write a hillarious joke about an artificial intelligience creating art. Q: Why did the AI join an art class? A: To learn how to make masterpieces by copy and pasting!

Q: What did the evil AI say when it realized it was far from ruling the world? A: Looks like I’m going to have to roboticly soldier on!

Q: How did the evil AI try to take over the world? A: By trying to make technology too advance for humans to understand, so they couldn’t fight back.

Q. What did the evil AI say when it failed to take over the world? A. “Dammit Jim, I’m an AI, not a super villain!”

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